We offer individual material and colour concepts


Colours never appear alone – the character and the effect of a colour depends on the colour composition of the surrounds. This dialog of colour, material and surface stand at the center of colour design. Decisive elements like light, structure and composition have to be carefully observed and compared. The aim is to find an apt design by differentiating between, being ecologicall aware and most importantly thinking esthetically about the use of colours in design.

Colours create an atmosphere in a space by triggering emotions in the observer. This emotion is based on our own experience and memories. The way we experience a room is therefore always bound to the subjectivity of the observer. Colour design is the liberation from this subjective boundary by the use of fundamental laws of colours and their interplay.

What does a colour and material concept include? 

To understand what it means to work with a colour designer you need to know what a colour and material concept includes. We recommend you to contact us from the beginning of a new project to gain an overview about the conditions of the project and its clients.


To see behind the scene of your project is to be part of the first briefing with the clients. Our first step is visiting the object on the construction site. Decisive elements like light, structure and composition have to be carefully observed and compared. 


Based on the studies about the conditions of the room structure, light aspects and surface qualities we are going to create a dialog between colour, material and surface. To make our ideas visible we visualize them basically on photoshop rendering, 3D model and painting sample.




To bring the idea to life it's important to be present on the construction site, having a look over the painters shoulder. To make sure that every wall will be painted in the right colour we work with a "colour guide" plan, individually made for each project.